_Mission Mangal_

In Bollywood nowadays, the trend of making films on either biopic or true events is going on. Today, on the occasion of August 15, Akshay Kumar’s film Mission Mangal has been released. The film shows the journey of India to Mars, how ISRO scientists make this mission successful. In this film with Akshay, his lady gang is shown which makes this mission successful with his unique mind and style. Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Sonakshi Sinha, Nitya Menon, Sharman Joshi and HG Dattareya are seen playing important roles with Akshay. The film is directed by Jagan Shakti.


The story of the film is on ISRO’s Mars mission. It shows how ISRO scientists took India to Mars. The special thing is that it has the highest focus on women. Just like women handle every situation, in the same way, in this mission, they do small things according to their own right. At the beginning of the story, Akshay Kumar (Rakesh Dhawan) launches a satelite but the launch fails due to a mistake by Vidya Balan (Tara). Whose charges are taken by Rakesh.

This time there is an entry in ISRO, NASA scientist Dilip Tahir (Rupert Desai) who questions everything done by Rakesh. Rakesh is then put into the Mars mission to be held in 2022. Which seemed impossible at the time. But who knew that this Mars mission could be made successful. Vidya Balan models India on her way to Mars. Rakesh presents it to the head of ISRO, at first he does not believe in this method, but after this everyone starts to be in the favor of Akshay and Vidya and people are included in their team and starts the Mars of India. Preparing to go on Meanwhile, everyone has to face many problems but all manage it.


Akshay Kumar’s acting in Rakesh Dhawan’s character was not special. He looked overdramatic somewhere. Punch lines were given a lot, but it is not necessary to laugh at every punch. Akshay was followed by Vidya Balan in a special role. Vidya Balan’s character is one who handles everything. Everyone from home to office children. Take knowledge from everything and use it in your work. Vidya Balan’s character looked like a daughter-in-law of serials, who handles everything well despite every problem. After that Sonakshi Sinha, Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Nitya Menon, Sharman Joshi all help to advance the story. They had nothing special to do in the story wherein they could show the magic of their acting.


The film is mostly shown around ISRO. The cinematography is quite good. The scenes of the satellite’s journey to Mars are shown quite brilliantly. These are some scenes that keep the audience hooked.


Everyone knows the story of the film. But to make it entertaining, the script seems to be lost. That does not bind you Being overdramatic, you are unable to connect to the story.

Why to see:

Technology has been explained in a very easy way that the common man can easily understand. The story of India’s going to Mars on the occasion of August 15 is shown on the screen. You can watch this story to know it.


_Do what you like to do_

A small story relating to above captioned name

Hope you like😊

Rajesh and pallavi had a happy atmosphere in the house but why they are not happy even today 5 years later their son born , both of Rajesh and Pallavi thinking about his son name should be kept asLakshya.then Rajesh and Pallavi have also be seen many dreams about their childre Rajesh and pallavi already thought that they will make their son as a doctor

As soon as the Lakshya was 4 year old, and his admission was taken in the good school in that city..Lakshya is very good in painting since his childhood. Nobody is not sure that this painting is done by a 4 years old child .

And Lakshya was also very good in reading and he always 1st in class.in 11th class,he want to select one subject but his parents want him to take a biology subject to become his son as a doctor but Lakshya did not want to take biology to read it because he wanted to become a painter

The Lakshya want to talk their parents that he do not want to become a doctor but his parents clearly says that they will not allows to do painting to spoli Lakshya future .but Lakshya read the point of his parents mind,the performance of Lakshya has already worsened in the performance, after class 12th Lakshya was taken admission in the medical college,

By completion of Lakshya studies..he opened a clinic after some time Lakshya got married and also had a daughter but Lakshyas main aim is painting not only on his mind but also his dream but now Lakshyas target was life ,pallavi could not do the work rajesh did to his son, and Lakshya was thinking that he want to make his daughter as a painter without knowing that what his daughter actually want to be.

Moral of the Story,

Friends, we have already heard and read many things like this before. Many movies will also be seen as 3 Idiots, Taare zameen par | But when it comes to actually implementing children in our children, we begin to compare our children or start thinking about what we did not do. Or what society will say etc. Now it is necessary to give full understanding to your children and give them freedom to choose their career of choice.

If we want to be successful in life (to be successful means to be happy, to be happy, to enjoy life, not just money) then do what we like. You must have heard of many people whose people first made fun of But today everyone wants to be like them. Like Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Sandeep Maheshwari, etc. etc. if their parents also make them instrumental to go to any other field, what would they have been thinking of themselves?

Walk, Run, Come On but do not stay

Mohit used to work for an IT company but his dreams were big. He created a software that could prevent any website from hacking. Mohit wanted to sell the software to his own company but the manager did not show any interest in this software.
Mohit disappointed and quit his job and started his own work. Mohit wanted to sell his own software to big companies, believed in the mind and was not afraid of hard work. Mohit marketed this software for 6 months and told many big companies about this software, but nothing happened

Finally, after 7 months, Mohit got the phone of a big company who wanted to buy this software. Marketing lesson: Never give up. Maybe you will not get the results that you want for a long time, but when you get it, it will be something else. In marketing and sales, it is very important that we learn something or something from our every defeat and then work on it.

Mahalaxmi Express train Rescued by NDRF today

Mahalaxmi Express rescue operations,
Amit Shah lauds rescue efforts by NDRF, Indian Army and Navy After the Mahalaxmi Express rescue operations were concluded on Saturday,
Due to the heavy rainfall in Mumbai all train tracks are covered with water and no trains are running here,

Home Minister Amit Shah congratulated the rescue efforts of NDRF, Indian Army and the Indian Navy, who had successfully evacuated all 700 stranded passengers in the train.